6th SENSE PEDIGREES is the brainchild of Chris Imi, creator of the EliteRacehorse Selection System (ERSS), which in turn is a system challenging the proverbial question on breeding racehorses. Is breeding anArt or Science?

The quest of breeding or selecting a future champion is NOT anexact SCIENCE. There are of course plenty of well researched andestablished tools in the market dealing with quality and nicking ratings , breeding patterns, deep pedigree research to name but a few, some claiming the use of A.I. and/or of her algorithms. They are all very helpful in their ownfields but most are limited by their one dimensional approach.

Enter 6thSENSE PEDIGREES ERSS, inspired bymoneyball and adjusted for pedigree analysis the ART of putting all the science together and then some, the expert “cook”, if you like, who uses all the available tools/ingredients, the info and the data and combines them into a “culinary masterpiece”. We use science for data processing and basic evaluation but we add our own personal touches in order to arrive at a fair evaluation of each racehorse. Even then the final decision rests with the horse person who will add their own opinion on the physical appearance of the racehorse.A.I. will most probably take over a lot of our jobs and our lives in the future but it will never take over the role of the true horse person or the informed pedigree scholar, as there are simply too many intangibles in this wonderful game of chess with nature. Unfortunately for us, our system cannot be formulated for mass production and hence every pedigree that we analyze is hand crafted.With almost a decade of development and thousands of races analyzed behind us we are very happy and proud to claim that ERSS shows unbelievable results.

Elite Racehorse Selection System
is the evaluation system our team will use to direct you to an elite racehorse that will enjoy a significant statistical advantage to succeed. Furthermore, ERSS most significantly will also protect you from engaging with racehorses that are doomed statistically tounder perform. ERSS will narrow down to approximately 10-15% any bunch of horses, whether a public auction catalogue or a big number of mating possibilities/suggestions.